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Free Discipleship Ebooks (PDF Downloads)

Chrysalis: new believers guideChrysalis Study Guide - Immediate Download
Great for new believers, new believer classes, small group study or those wanting a refresher
Becoming a Christian is the most adventurous and wonderfully exciting experience you’ll ever have. This 54-page book contains the basic teaching every new believer should be acquainted with such as: What is a Christian? What is a disciple? How does spiritual growth take place? Plus, Chrysalis presents a basic overview of 11 key spiritual teachings every believer should know. If you're a new Christian, coming back to Christ after a period of doubt, trying to process the "big picture" or just need a refresher course, this guidebook is for you. Select

21 Days To Breakthrough21 Days To Breakthrough Workbook - Immediate Download
Designed to help you become an overcomer: great for individuals and small groups
The life of a Christian is not just about arriving at some destination; it’s a journey of steps, one right after the other. 21 Days To Breakthrough is based on the belief that the habits we form, the sin we embrace, the forces we struggle against, are very real and can be overcome because they have been defeated by Jesus at Calvary. These habits are formed in the mind and lived out in action and word. It is only as we realize that the battleground is in the mind, that we have been given God’s weapons to do battle, that we can overcome and live life abundantly, defeat our enemy and break ungodly habits. Select

Discovering God's WillDiscovering God's Will - Immediate Download
Designed to help you discover, know and walk in the will of God
Everyday, we all face choices. We either choose the right course or the wrong course, but we must choose. God desires that we learn to make right decisions. You don’t have to be mature to enter into the Kingdom of God, but you do have to be mature if you are to experience all of God’s blessings for you now. Discovering God's Will takes you through seven important Biblical keys that will enable you to discover, know, and walk in the will of God that He has for you. Following these seven steps will bring assurance and confidence as you prayerfully consider major life decisions. Select

Disciple's JournalThe Disciple's Journal - Immediate Download
A 1-year guide to help you grow in Christ-likeness - 52 individual character traits of Jesus
This through-the-year downloadable eBook contains 52 individual weekly character/virtue studies, a daily journaling area, a weekly note page for sermon/lesson notes, and weekly words of wisdom from the Bible ... all in one book! Each week a character trait of Jesus is provided such as: Perseverance, Patience, Courage, Friendliness, Forgiveness, Honesty, and Dependability. The Disciple’s Journal adapted and used by permission from The Institute in Basic Life Principles. Select

Practicing God's PresencePresence Study Guide - Immediate Download
Develop a moment-by-moment closeness with God
Written 300 years ago by a cook in a European monastery, this is one of the most famous Christian books of all time and will help you practice being in God's presence continuously. Select

FoundationsFoundations - Immediate Download
These foundational truths set the stage for every believer's life and ministry
The foundational doctrines presented in this downloadable, 68-page eBook are from Hebrews 6:1-3. Just as is true of any good foundation, these must be established first, and then built upon. These principles include: Repentance From Dead Works, Faith Toward God, The Doctrine Of Baptisms, Laying On Of Hands, The Resurrection Of The Dead, Eternal Judgment and a section on Maturity. Foundations adapted and used by permission from Harvestime International Network. Select

God's Order for Family LifeGod's Order for FamilyLife Workbook - Immediate Download
Designed to help you understand the Biblical basis and importance of God's family life
This 76-page book will help you discover and recover the pattern of godly relationships in the home and with our loving Father God. The most effective manner to train and equip our families for any skill is by providing effective models and opportunities to practice the skill itself. Jesus used a show, tell, release, and supervise model of training. After calling the disciples He took them along with Him, teaching and healing the sick as He went. Then, after He thought the disciples had seen and learned enough to try for themselves, He commissioned, empowered, instructed, and sent them out to do the same things. This model of training should be no different for those desiring to bring others into a complete understanding and walk in Christ likeness. Select

Discipleship by DesignDiscipleship By Design Workbook 1 - Immediate Download
Learn what it means to live an empowered life
The Bible tells us to be filled with the Holy Spirit. This introductory study shows us how we are to walk and presents a clear understanding between walking in the flesh and walking in the Spirit. Authentic spirituality requires power found only in the Holy Spirit. Discover how the Holy Spirit filled and empowered life is not our trying to live like Christ, but allowing His Holy Spirit to indwell us, living His life again through us by His Holy Spirit. Discipleship By Design describes the way to understand and tap into the power of the Holy Spirit, resulting in a powerful, fruitful life. Get a clear understanding of how the Holy Spirit can work in your life and can empower you to become more like Christ. Select

Discipleship by DesignDiscipleship By Design Workbook 2 - Immediate Download
Discover Who the Holy Spirit is and the freedom Christ brings
The Holy Spirit is the key to living under God’s grace. It is only the indwelling Holy Spirit Who can fulfill the Law through us and truly free us from the Law. Book 2 shows us how we can daily live under the Holy Spirit’s control and guidance, obeying every prompting of the Holy Spirit, knowing that it is by this means that the fleshly or carnal desires are defeated. Select

Discipleship by DesignDiscipleship By Design Workbook 3 - Immediate Download
Discipleship based on the New Testament
Book 3 will help you understand and apply the Great Commission using the model the Apostle Paul established for the preservation and transmission of the gospel. Select

Discipleship by DesignDiscipleship By Design Workbook 4 - Immediate Download
Will help you live the life of Christ as you live through the Holy Spirit
God calls us to obey, love and to serve others just as Jesus did - by the power of the same Holy Spirit. Jesus said, “...to teach all things that I have commanded you.” This is an enormous task, and not any one of us is adequate for anything of this magnitude. Book 4 will help you discover that godliness results only from Jesus Christ living through us by the Holy Spirit. It can never be accomplished by any external means. Select

Discipleship by DesignDiscipleship By Design Workbook 5 - Immediate Download
Learn how to share your faith organically
A dying world is looking for genuine disciples - real people whom God possesses and whose primary goal is to serve Jesus Christ. Book 5 will help you begin living and sharing your faith. Select

As a man thinksAs A Man Thinks Study Guide - Immediate Download
Learning to become transformed by renewing our minds
Based on the work of James Allen, few books have been so widely read, have stood the test of time, have had such an impact on generations of readers, and have carried such a simple, profound message. Select

Field Guide Workbook - Immediate Download
Designed to help you chart a discipleship course
Field Guide: Charting a Course for Today's Discipleship Groups" is a 60-page ebook that presents a general overview of discipleship, home groups, and Core Groups, a spiritual assessment tool and more. Select

Core Discipleship OverviewCore Discipleship Big Picture Overview- Immediate Download
Learn how you can launch a discipleship process
This eBook presents the big picture overview of the 3-Strand CORE Discipleship process and should be reviewed first if you are considering Core Discipleship. The 3-Strand CORE Discipleship Process will help develop an unbelievable spiritual discipleship network and community in your church where no one stands alone, struggles alone, develops alone or grows up alone. Select

Core Discipleship Leader's GuideCore Discipleship Leader's Guide - Immediate Download
Provides an overview of the Core Discipleship process and more
This Leader's Guide is a 58-page overview of the Core Discipleship process. Highly recommended if you intend on launching a Core Discipleship Group. I would suggest you review this Guide before ordering the following comprehensive Core Discipleship Workbook below. Select

Core Discipleship WorkbookCore Discipleship Workbook - Immediate Download
A 12-month small discipleship group workbook and more
The Core Workbook will take you and your discipleship group through seven books of the Bible including Ephesians, Galatians, Philippians, Colossians, John, James, and 2 Timothy. This 1-year workbook includes a total of 51 individual studies plus a section on launching a church-wide Core FasTrack, a Spiritual Life Stage Assessment Tool, How To Improve Your Serve, Studying God’s Word, Prayer, Writing Your Testimony, Learning to Share the Gospel, a Pastor’s section, Topical Scripture section and more.Select

Spiritual Life AssessmentSpiritual Life Assessment Tool - Immediate Download
22 immutable defining characteristics of spiritual maturity
Many churches measure success by attendance records, size of budgets, and square footage. However, Jesus uses a higher standard: "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." (John 13:34,35). Our church “scorecard” should be based on the Great Commandment and Jesus’ Great Commission with emphasis on accountability, discipleship, true life transformation, and spiritual maturity. In order to experience spiritual maturity, we must also understand that growth comes by grace and it is God alone who is our resource. According to the Bible, there are 22 immutable defining characteristics of spiritually mature disciples. This tool will assist you in evaluating, monitoring and measuring your discipleship processes, assist you in the Biblical selection and evaluation of elders and potential church leadership. Select

Children's Discipleship CurriculumDiscipleship-based Children's Ministry Curriculum
I highly recommend DiscipleLand for your NurseryPreschoolKindergarten, and Elementary discipleship resources. DiscipleLand helps you guide kids to reach their peak potential as disciples of Jesus Christ. DiscipleLand is the only Children's Ministry curriculum providing a complete Bible learning system. DiscipleLand leads children to know God intimately, to love Him passionately, and to serve Him selflessly. DiscipleLand offers a family of resources ideal for Sunday school, mid-week, Christian school, and other settings. They provide a FREE online Catalog that gives you an introduction to DiscipleLand's philosophy, an overview of DiscipleLand resources, and sample lessons. Select